SMT Connectors- Mezza-pede Low Profile, 1mm pitch

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SMT Connectors- Mezza-pede Low Profile, 1mm pitch-Image

With Advanced's enclosed screw-machined socket, 6-finger contact and heavy gold plating, Mezza-pede® Connectors pass the 20-day mixed flowing gas (MFG) test required in many telecom and other severe environment and long-life applications. Our over-molded lead frame seals the surface mount leads to prevent solder wicking, ensuring a secure solder joint. The low 4mm stack height makes it ideal for tight mezzanine packaging applications. More Information...

  • Low profile, Robust design, Dual row configurations...
  • Fits within existing board layouts.
  • Proprietary SMT lead frame and pin design and SMT and thru-hole designs available.
  • Passed 20-Day MFG test with heavy Gold terminal plating (GH).
  • Qualified for use in telecommunications applications and RoHS Compliant

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Advanced Interconnections designs and manufactures customized interconnect solutions for semiconductor development and high reliability electronic applications including medical, military, automotive, and telecommunications. Our IC sockets, package conversion adapters, and board to board connectors feature screw-machined terminals for field-proven performance and durability. From prototype to production volumes, innovative designs are produced to customer-specific requirements in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in the USA.