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CMOS Analog Switch for Low-Voltage Circuits

Featured Product from Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

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The ALD4213 quad SPST CMOS analog switches from Advanced Linear Devices offer fast switching, low on-resistance, micropower consumption, and excellent precision for low-voltage and high-speed applications. These switches are specifically designed for use in charge amplifiers, sample and hold amplifiers, data converter switches, and programmable gain amplifiers.

Key features of these switches are their low charge injection of 0.2pC, 200pf sampling capacitor, and picoamp leakage current, which enable very fast and precise signal acquisition with minimal signal loss. The switches also have a high precision, rail-to-rail signal range.

Additionally, the devices operate with a flexible power supply range of +3V to +12V, extending down to a +2V power supply, which makes them suitable for use in lithium or rechargeable battery-operated systems where power, efficiency, and performance are important design considerations. They may also be used with dual power supplies from +-1.5 to +-6 volts. With only 0.1uW power dissipation, the switches are ideal for micropower-based systems.

The versatility of the ALD4213 analog switches makes them suitable for use in many different applications. These include fast sample and hold circuits, computer peripherals, PCMCIA, low-level signal conditioning circuits, portable battery-operated systems, analog signal multiplexers, switched capacitor circuits, video/audio switches, and feedback control systems.

Available now at Digi-Key and Mouser in 16-pin SOIC (ALD4213SCL) and 16-pin Plastic DIP (ALD4213PCL) packages starting at $6.45 each per 100.