Precision Optics from Prototype to Production

Product Announcement from Advanced Optics, Inc.

For over 50 years, Advanced Optics has taken pride in manufacturing high quality, low cost optical components. Our experience allows us to provide the quality craftsmanship that has made us a leader in custom, precision and commercial optics. We have the expertise to help you with prototype work and the resources to fulfill production requirements.  Our product line includes:

  • Precision grade optical mirrors and windows polished up to λ/20
  • High quality commercial grade mirrors  and windows polished 1-3 waves per inch
  • Optical flats made of fused quartz and fused silica polished up to λ/20
  • Various reflective and anti-reflective coatings such as AlSiO, bare Al, bare Au, enhanced Al, protected Ag, protected Au, MLAR, MgF2, as well as custom coatings.
  • A broad range of in-stock optical components as well as the capability to manufacture custom components and prototypes


Our optics are excellent performers when it comes to aerospace, military and commercial avionics, medical instrumentation, academics and research, and industrial applications. Our skilled staff takes pride in the care and attention to detail of each optic we produce.

Request a quote.  Advanced Optics looks forward to assisting you and to meeting your requirements.  You may request a quotation through our web site at or by calling 1-262-548-1155 for prompt service.