Advanced Poly Is Your Green Packaging Partner!

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Advanced Poly-Bags™ are designed for the high-quality demands of packagers and consumers. We specialize in custom bags with a variety of features, color printing or barrier qualities but also have dozens of stock bag sizes ready for shipment. Ask us how blanket orders will save your money!

We're helping our customers who want to help the environment with Advanced Poly-Green film. 100% degradable film....durable enough to hold your product, but with the correct molecular make up to complete degrade and leave no detectable trace of plastic. The process is enhanced with exposure to heat, sunlight or dampness.

Advanced Poly-"Green" is available in Clear, Green, White Opaque and Black. The proprietary resin blend does not impact the ability to print on the bag or the quality of any barrier features!

Advanced Poly-Packaging should be your one-stop-shop for bags. Our bag specialists will provide a quote for the correct bag for your application...graphic designers will make it look perfect....quality control will inspect for quality....and you'll save money!

Custom bags are our specialty - but dozens of stock bags are available, too. Ask about our blanket stocking program (for stock or custom bags) to lock in our low price and always have bags ready for you!