Automatic Tabletop Bagger/Printer

Featured Product from Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. announced the release of its newest bagging machine, the T-375 Tabletop Bagger/Printer. The packaging machine offers the company's newly patented "Next Bag Out" printing capability.

The T-375 allows you to save and recall jobs, so you can quickly switch from one application to another. The T-375 design was initiated when customers asked for a machine that offers the highest degree of labeling accuracy without losing the automation that brings efficiency to any packaging operation.

The T-375 incorporates a thermal transfer printer for "next-bag-out" printing. This patented feature allows for printing, just prior to loading which guarantees accurate labeling. You can now package quantities of just one part number!

  • Four color screen with pop-up windows
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting screens
  • Preset and totalizing bag counter
  • Automatic "paced" operation with fill time delay timer
  • Universal, adjustable parts chute
  • Adjustable support shelf
  • Blower with flow controls
  • One year limited parts warranty

Contact Advanced Poly-Packaging for a product evaluation to determine if the T-375 is the right bagger for your application.

About Advanced Poly

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc., a leader in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and poly bags, offers a complete line of bagging and auxiliary equipment that includes tabletop baggers, production bagging machines and fully automated custom bagging systems for a wide range of packaging solutions in the medical, pharmaceutical, hobby/craft, jewelry, fastener, tool and other industries. In operation since 1979, the company's capabilities include film extrusion, flexographic printing, graphic design and poly bag conversion to produce custom high-quality poly bags. The company produces custom bagging solutions offering its engineering, custom programming and technical service capabilities to customers. Advanced Poly-Packaging is headquartered in Akron, OH and coordinates European sales and distribution from a satellite office in England.