Self-Training Eye for Superb Count Accuracy

Featured Product from Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.

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The occasional miscount has been nearly eradicated with the use of a "self-training eye," combined with Advanced Poly-Packaging's proprietary programming techniques. Here is how the self-training eye has been applied to the company's UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter (shown): A few products are placed individually on the bagging system's v-track, allowing automatic measurement of the leading and trailing end of each item so an allowable range can be established. Once the calibration process is complete, the electronic eye "remembers" the measurement. On the rare occasion that two items are not properly separated, the combined length would be greater than the length of a single one. Since the device was already programmed, it will recognize the double-product and count it as two items rather than one.

If there is an over count, an alert is sent to the touch screen monitor so the system operator has a chance to remove the bag that has too many parts.

If the device detects a product that is smaller than the established size, there is an assumption that it is scrap. That unit is not included in the total product count to eliminate the illusion that the sealed bag actually includes the correct number of items.

The company also offers automatic bagging systems that include net-weigh scales or check-weigh scales that can be combined with a vibratory parts counter.