UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter

Featured Product from Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.

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The UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter is the ideal solution for bagging fasteners, hardware, electronics or other components. The UC-2400 can count and package individual pieces or kits with the speed, accuracy and flexibility needed to get the job done and lower your costs.

Made with materials tough enough to withstand abrasive or sharp parts, it's designed for ease of use. Drop gates, programmable photo eye, belt drive and single or dual accumulator work together to ensure accuracy. Other standard features include:

  • Full-color touch screen with pop-up windows and troubleshotting messages
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Drop gates and "skivers" provide separation for accurate parts flow
  • Belt drive not only transports product to bagger funnel, but also assists in separating parts for accurate counts
  • Configuration allows for lower bowl for easier feeding
  • Programmable eye does not count scrap pieces or others that are outside specified parameters
  • Integrated belt conveyor system automatically increases or decreases speed with the vibratory bowl for maximum production