AdTech Ceramics - Custom Ceramic Packages

Product Announcement from Advanced Technical Ceramics Company

High Tempature Co-fired ceramic packages are fabricated through four distinct processing stages that include

Material Preparation

  • AdTech Mills its raw materials into a dielectric “green tape”
  • AdTech Mixes conductive inks

Green Processing

  • punching cavities
  • via punch
  • via fill
  • screen printing
  • lamination


  • The ceramic/metal composite is “co-fired” in a carefully controlled atmosphere

Post-Fire Processing

  • Additional printing (if needed)
  • In House Sawing
  • Machining
  • Brazing.

Most packages are plated with Ni and Au for solder and wirebond applications.  AdTech Ceramics offers both electroless and electrolytic plating options.