Handheld Wrenches

Product Announcement from Advanced Torque Products, LLC

Handheld Wrenches-Image

Our Hand-Held family of wrenches is designed for lower torquing needs. These systems are extremely easy to use, are very portable and accurate. Most of these systems feature our state of the art controllers and are equipped with a sensor overload indication. In addition to our regular Hand-Held wrenches we can convert any box or open end wrench into a digitally controlled torque wrench.


  • Torque Sensing and Peak/Track Mode
  • Application to set the mode of the wrench for measuring torque or angle against a preset target
  • Controller indicates CW or CCW direction
  • Features a built-in microprocessor, an RS-232 PC interface and a printer interface
  • Torquing and operating data can be viewed, printed or transmitted to a computer for permanent record
  • Printing options allow capture of data for process verification, QA compliance and permanent files without manual collection
  • Adjustable and programmable alarm
  • Alarm issues a visible and audible warning when the torquing process reaches a preselected percentage