New! 40,000 FtLb Torque Wrench

Product Announcement from Advanced Torque Products, LLC

New! 40,000 FtLb Torque Wrench-Image

0 - 40000 FT/Lbs Series
Advanced Torque Products' 600/1000 Series of digitally controlled torque wrenches are equipped with:

An anti-rotation device to hold torque without backing off.

  • Each wrench is electronically calibrated in both directions, eliminating variances in CW and CCW calibration.

±1% accuracy

  • Once the strain gage is calibrated in the wrench, it retains its calibration for all wrenches
  • Sensors can withstand an overload of 150% of full capacity
  • To help eliminate overload of sensors, the digital readout will stop recording at 10% of rated capacity.

Digital Controllers
a) 3 controller options

b) 3 mounting options

ures a built-in microprocessor, a PC interface and a printer interface.

  • Torquing and operating data can be viewed, printed or transmitted to a computer for analysis and permanent record
  • Printing options allow capture of data for process verification, QA compliance and permanent files without manual collection

Comfortable, and easy-to-hold handles

Lightweight, sleek design