Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooler

Product Announcement from Advantage Engineering, Inc.

Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooler-Image

The Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooler is designed to remove waste heat from plastics and industrial processes, including hydraulics, feed throats, molds and material.

A great alternative to conventional cooling towers.

Water & Energy conservation is achieved by using ambient air to cool process water for the majority of the year. Other benefits include:

  • Compared to conventional cooling tower systems or once through city water cooling systems:
  • Saves Water
  • Saves Water Treatment Chemical Costs
  • Saves Sewage Charges
  • Isolates plant heat exchange surfaces from the effects of solids build - a true closed circuit cooling system.
  • Compared to Conventional Chiller Systems:
  • Same closed circuit system to keep heat exchange surfaces clean
  • Better than 80% energy savings