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Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to introduce the new MIC-1800 series.  When there is a need for a compact platform that can acquire analog signals and also provide advanced functions such as analog trigger and a waveform generator, the new MIC-1800 series with multi-function, 16-channel, 12/16-bit resolution, and up to 1MS/s sample rate is an excellent choice. 

With up to a 1MS/s sample rate users can acquire enough data to display the measure waveform completely and for analog input, users can set an analog trigger to start collecting data only when a certain threshold is crossed, so unnecessary signals can be filtered out. 

The MIC-1800 series products also have built-in waveform generators so there is no need to purchase any extra device and a detachable terminal block that enables direct connection with sensor signal lines that saves a lot of space and eliminates some wiring as well. 

The DIN-rail mounting makes the MIC-1800 series compatible with distribution boxes and control cabinets for many different kinds of machines.