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Low-Cost Wireless Sensing Wzzard Mesh Gen 2

Featured Product from Advantech

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B+B SmartWorx, powered by Advantech, Releases Wzzard Mesh Gen 2: Low-Power, Low-Cost Wireless Sensing for Environmental and Energy Monitoring

B+B SmartWorx, powered by Advantech, has announced the release of its Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 Wireless Sensing Solution, offering advanced environmental and energy monitoring in both industrial and commercial applications.

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 models have the ability to monitor temperature, humidity and vibration, and can accommodate virtually any industry-standard external sensors.  Connections can be made via M12 connector or conduit fitting.  The nodes provide a variety of sensor interface options, including general purpose analog input, digital input/output, and thermocouple.

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 includes a light industrial model, ideal for commercial applications that don’t need a full rugged IP67 design.  Industries that will realize this new benefit quickly are ones in which temperature monitoring is needed, such as refrigerator monitoring for temperature-controlled inventory.  The new price point of the commercial application model also allows for quick and easy ROI.  Some main benefits of the new intelligent devices include:

  • Enhanced cloud management tool for configuration and device management
  • Light industrial version for commercial applications, in addition to full industrial version
  • Sleep mode to extend battery life and simplify installation
  • Ability to monitor 100 nodes per gateway
  • Automated network configuration and health monitoring
  • Internal temperature sensor part of hardware purchase
  • Battery life of up to 10 years

The enhanced cloud device management tool is included with the hardware purchase and allows for management of status information, diagnostic information, firmware updates, and bulk operations.  Additionally, sensor nodes can be physically deployed, then configured and managed remotely, decreasing cost of installation and ownership.  This eliminates the need for specialized installation skill-sets.

The Wzzard intelligent wireless sensor platform creates a complete, quick and easy connectivity stack between sensors and applications.  The platform uses Wzzard mesh sensor edge nodes and a self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh network to transmit sensor data to a Wzzard gateway.  The Wzzard gateway easily transfers data to connect to popular platforms and /or the cloud via Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, such as MQTT, and easily integrates with third-party applications such as Ignition, OSIsoft PI, KEPServerEX, etc.

“It can be difficult for integrators and engineers to develop scalable IoT connectivity solutions—this is where Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 sensing technology comes in,” said Kevin Nelson, IoT Product Sales Manager at B+B SmartWorx.  “The Wzzard Platform offers the ability to access sensor data in many different applications and IoT solutions.  Plus, our Wzzard solution can be customized to support many different industrial remote monitoring applications and needs.”

Ideal end-user applications for monitoring include: food and agriculture, water and wastewater, industrial automation, transportation, data centers, building and automation, and energy and power.  OEMS and machine builders can also work with B+B SmartWorx engineers for applications-customized hardware.

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 wireless sensor nodes can be configured to communication data only when specified threshold or alert levels are exceeded.  When reporting, they can associate useful information like geo-location, device name, and uptime.  This eliminates unnecessary network traffic, eases the processing burden on upstream resources and cuts the cost of cellular data plans when the gateway is using a cellular data network.

Starter kids are available for Energy Monitoring, HVAC Monitoring, and Refrigeration Monitoring.  Wzzard Starter Kits can help test a system with the technology and help to quickly prove a business case to expand the Wzzard Mesh Network.  The Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 sensing solutions is incrementally scalable.  For more information, visit www.advantech-bb.com/wzzard.

About B+B SmartWorx, Inc. 

Founded  in 1981,  B+B  SmartWorx  (formerly  B&B  Electronics)  designs  and  manufactures  intelligent  M2M  and  IoT  connectivity  solutions  for  wireless  and  wired  networks.  Specializing  in  intelligent connectivity  at  the  “edge”  of  networks  in  remote  and  demanding  environments,  the  company’s  product  solutions  use  Ethernet,  serial,  wireless,  cellular  and  USB  communication  technologies. 

In  2016  B+B  SmartWorx  became  part  of  Advantech,  global  provider  of  trusted  and  innovative  products,  services  and  solutions  in  industrial  automation  and  embedded  computing  across  diverse  industries  and  applications.  Together,  Advantech  and  B+B  SmartWorx  work  to  enable  an  intelligent  planet.  To learn more, visit us at www.advantech-bb.com