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Short-Depth Chassis

Featured Product from Advantech

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Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to announce the launch of a 4U front I/O short-depth (350mm) industrial chassis, the IPC-631.

Responding to market requests for a rack-mountable, front I/O, high scalability, and power computing solution, Advantech’s IPC-631 is ideal for these needs. With its front I/O design, support of a 500W single or redundant power supply and server grade motherboard with up to 120W TDP Xeon processor, the IPC-631 facilitates system integration and high computing power for high-end machine vision applications.   The IPC-631 supports features for machine automation, such as dual shock resistance, hot swappable 2.5” drive bays for RAID 0/1 and seven expansion slots on a supported ATX motherboard which allows users to install GPU, DSP, vision, or motion cards.

The IPC-631’s short depth makes it easily integrated into equipment.  Its front I/O design allows user access to the motherboard coast line, add-on card connectors, disk drawers, LEDs and buttons, AC inlet, and redundant power modules from the same side, providing for easy cable routing and maintenance.  The IPC-631 supports Advantech’s AIMB-7XX series desktop, ASMB-7XX workstation, and ASMB-8XX server grade single motherboards with up to Xeon E5 26XX processor and multiple PCIe x 16/x8 expansion slots that offer more than enough CPU/GPU/DSP computing power modules for high-end machine vision applications.  Furthermore, the IPC-631 supports dual hot swappable drive bays for RAID 0/1 and redundant power modules to offer maximum redundancy and forestalling disruptions due to disk or power supply failures. 

The IPC-631 is equipped with two 12 cm PWM fans offering sufficient air flow to cool high TDP (thermal design power) CPUs and add-on cards.  The fan speed is controlled by the motherboard so when thermal demands are not critical, the fans can run at low speed to reduce the noise level, making for more comfortable machine operation.  The fan filter has a magnetic cover plate for easy maintenance.