World's First 1U Intel Xeon E5 v3 Storage Server

Featured Product from Advantech

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to announce the launch of the ASR-3100, the world’s first 1U rackmount dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 16 x NVMe SSD Storage Server.  The ASR-3100 is equipped with DDR4-2133 RDIMM up to 512GB with a maximum of 16 2.5” hot-plug NVMe SSD, delivering uncompromised high computing performance.  The incredible high IOPS (Input / Output Operations Per Second) performance of 16 NVMe SSD can achieve up to six million IOPS read speeds, which is at least 30% better than existing products on the market.  The ASR-3100 is designed to fulfill markets like cache/hot data, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), advanced data mining, OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)/OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) for finance and eCommerce, 3D rendering, video broadcasting and massive media editing/post production.

The ASR-3100 is equipped with SFF-8639 interface so the drive bays could be interchangeable among 2.5” NVMe, PCIe, SAS and SATA, fulfilling different applications. The ASR-3100 uses an 1100W 1+1 redundant power supply of 80 PLUS platinum level and incorporates the latest thermal design to excel the remarkable performance aiming at cache/hot data processing. With high density NVMe storage, it’s best to increase the performance in one system and save the TCO of whole flash storage setup. It aims for applications like OLTP/SQL/NoSQL, HPC, SAPHARA and EMR. 

The ASR-3100 features 2 x PCIe x8 Gen 3 slot expandability and two internal SATA M.2 slots for easy OS mirroring. It is also specially designed with IPMI LSI Raid management function for system network reliability. User-friendly system LED indicators, including 1 x PWR On, PWR Fail, 2 x LAN, 16 x HDD PWR & Status (2nd row HDD read from front LED panel), 1 x system ID, together with easy access to front and rear I/O (front: 1 x USB 2.0 and rear: 1 x COM, 1 x VGA, 2 x LAN, 4 x USB 3.0) are built for management and maintenance. The ASR-3100 combines high performance with a reliable work ethic— without downtime. 

As a leading provider of industrial storage server solutions, Advantech consistently challenges the market by providing its valued customers with a 3-5-7 service guarantee, which refers to 3 levels of service, 5 years extended warranty, and a 7-year guaranteed product supply. The 3 levels of design customization and development are as follows: 
Level 1 - dedicated professional AE for first-time trouble shooting 
Level 2 - strict revision control, key components fixed, and EC announcements 
Level 3 - flexible customization (BIOS logo, IO offering, BIOS boot priority, and tailor-made bezel for customer IDs)

The five year extended product warranty period benefits specific fields and applications, such as medical, military, and manufacturing automation. Because of Advantech’s commitment to longer product availability, all storage server components are selected to ensure seven years of long-life support.