Aero Rubber Tab Bands

Featured Product from Aero Rubber Company, Inc.

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A better alternative to single use plastic cable ties, Aero Rubber's Tab Bands are strong and easier to use. Better yet, Aero Tab Bands are Reusable!

When you call us to discuss your order, you can rest assured that only a qualified rubber sales engineer will be speaking with you to help you with your purchase.

Going Green with Reusable Aero Rubber Tab Bands

If your organization frequently has a need for fasteners to bundle up loose wires or other items to keep them secure for storage or shipping, plastic cable ties may have served your purposes at least somewhat in the past. Now, the pace of your business is growing and you need a much more efficient way to keep everything squared away.

Many organizations are growing interested in doing their part for the environment and "going green." One easy way to accomplish this goal is to work with as many reusable items as possible.

You should know that Aero Rubber's tab bands are easy to remove and are reusable. If you've been using hard, rigid cable ties at your facility, you know how time consuming it is for workers to have to cut them off when they are no longer needed. What's worse, hard plastic cable ties are not reusable and often wind up in dumps.

Instead, our rubber Tab Bands are suitable for quickly bundling all sorts of items, from securing wires to keeping things organized in a wide variety of agricultural applications.