Airfoil bearings vs Magnetic bearings

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Airfoil Bearings vs. Magnetic Bearings in Turbo Blowers
AirFoil Bearing: the shaft centers in the bearing itself and increases the pressure in the air gap to more than 30 bar. The prevailing force couples are so high, that they keep the shaft permanently in the center of the bearing even in case of considerably varying and challenging operation conditions - and this free-floating without surface contact. The brilliance of this principle is the fact that in operation the air cushion forms automatically - and thus without further energy input.
Magnetic Bearing: An electric current is needed so that the coils arranged circularly around the drive shaft can develop their forces during operation and have the shaft rotating free from mechanical friction. Particularly changing operation conditions put the highly complex regulation system of the magnetic bearings to a test. Frequently it comes to safety shutdowns of the entire turbo blower due to technological reasons.....more....

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