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The Benefits of Choosing AERZEN RENTAL

Service Detail from Aerzen USA Corp.

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The benefits of choosing AERZEN RENTAL

  • 24/7 service and delivery,when and where you need it
  • Production process support by application specialists
  • Broad product range of rental products. Ranging from -650 mbar vacuum to 10 barg overpressure
  • Large fleet of 100% oil-free air units
  • Depots distributed across Europe and North America (USA) Specialists in custom-made solutions
  • Premium - blower, compressor and turbo technologies by AERZEN
  • Cost efficient, the right solution with the right pressure
  • Wide range of equipment, from vacuum to plant-air


Rent a solution - Expect Performance
Aerzen Rental’s unique portfolio covers the entire pressure range – from vacuum (-650 mbar) to compressed air (10 bar) – with 100% oil-free blowers and compressors.

Aerzen Rental Machines
The rental Service of AERZEN
There are many reasons you may need to call AERZEN Rental Division: not just for maintenance and repair, but also to cover unexpected demand. AERZEN Rental Division can provide you with rental units and accessories, as well as individual solutions for research and development, operative leasing and contracting.

100% oil-free air solutions for a wide range of industry sectors.
Aerzen Rental provides best-in-class packages engineered for aggressive rental environments with on board VFDs, remote monitoring, and outdoor builds with sound attenuating enclosure as standard. From rental units for immediate deployment in the event of a production failure or shortfall, to longer term operational leasing and rent to own, Aerzen Rental is your expert partner.

More efficient alternative than using plant air compressors.
Our knowledge and experience assures yo of in-depth technical support and solutions that fits seamlessly with your process:

A complete solution:
The machine itself is just one aspect of a rental project - Aerzen Rental provides the professional expertise and full compliment of electrical and mechanical accessories needed for a successful project.

Why Rent?
  • Upgrade Project: Air is needed continuously while aging machines are removed or replaced
  • Rebuild: Air is needed continuously while a machine is taken out of service (proactively or reactively) for maintenance
  • Supplemental Needs: Changes in the process or seasonal needs require increased air-flows for a period of time that does not justify a capital expenditure
  • Capital Avoidance: Air is needed now but there is no budget for a capital expenditure
  • New Equipment Lead Time: Air is needed faster than new equipment can be purchased and installed


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Petro-chemical
  • Power station
  • Bulk materials
  • Food products
  • Cement
  • Paper mills
  • Proof of Concept


Rental Products
Our rental equipment is backed up by the extensive knowledge and experience acquired by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik over more than 150 years. It is up to the task, robust, plug-and-play, suitable for outdoor operation and can easily run for six months without any maintenance. To underscore this reliability, all services/maintenance (including any engineer costs) are included as standard in our prices*.
All AERZEN RENTAL units are electrically driven (optional: with diesel powered generator sets). We hold a truly unique portfolio in the rental market by offering six different compression ratios and having variable speed drives as standard. This setup enables us to achieve exactly the right pressure and flow that you need, without any losses due over-compression that would occur with a market standard 10barg oil-free compressor.
For perfect integration into your processes (or autonomous operation if required), our units are equipped with a connection box, a power and control cabinet and an operation panel that can handle external signals. Our equipment is increasingly equipped with remote monitoring, enabling us to be always close by and provide any support you may require. Whichever brand or type of gas compression technology you have on your site, our versatile rental units can replace it.

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About Aerzen USA
Aerzen USA is a wholly-owned division of the German manufacturer, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, and has been a recognized world leader in the production of rotary positive displacement machines since 1868. Aerzen USA is based in Coatesville, PA. For more information, visit www.aerzenusa.com