Downdraft Tables: Protection from Dust and Fumes

Product Announcement from Aget Manufacturing Company

Downdraft Tables: Protection from Dust and Fumes-Image

Downdraft Tables/Benches and Booths

Aget Downdraft Tables are designed to draw air contaminated with dust or fumes away from workers' breathing zones as they perform tasks such as grinding, sanding, polishing, buffing or welding.

Our tables can be single or multiple stations, are offered in 12 standard sizes, and have a steel grated surfaces with soft surface matting available. Recommended air volumes are from 150-250 CFM per square foot of surface area. Each table is constructed from heavy-duty, all-welded industrial grade steel for strength and durability under heavy work loads. They can be connected to an existing duct system or matched to an appropriate Dustkop system.

Aget downdraft grinding and sanding tables are an efficient and economical way to protect workers from hazardous dust, smoke and fumes. Aget tables can also be customized to fit our customers' specific applications. If you need a table with different features than our standard downdraft tables, we can provide you with a table, bench, or booth that fits your needs.

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