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DUSTKOP®, FILTERKOP®, MISTKOP® and Downdraft Tables. Our extensive product line includes cyclone separators, self-contained unit collectors, after-filters, baghouses, filter collectors, mist collectors and exhausters. Through these state of the art units, clean air can then be recirculated back into the plant, or vented to the outdoors.

The basic DUSTKOP is a cyclone type dust collector, which pulls contaminated air into the unit at high velocity, creating a vortex or cyclone action. Centrifugal forces separate the particles from the air stream, and they drop via gravity into a drum, hopper, or dumpster. Clean filtered air can then be recirculated back into the plant, or vented to the outdoors. The DUSTKOP cyclone unit is normally the primary separator in a 2-stage system which includes an after-filter attached to the cyclone separator for removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Our Products Include:

Dust Collectors:

Mist Collectors:

Rotary Valves:

Downdraft Tables:

Our MISTKOP unit was developed to capture and remove mist from the air in machining and grinding operations, and is effective in reclaiming cutting oils and synthetic coolants used in these processes. Collection of the coolant mists in this manner removes potential health and safety hazards from the shop area, and the MISTKOP has proven more economical and cost-efficient than electronic systems or rotating drum equipment used for this purpose. As a result, they are used and preferred by many machine shops and metalworking facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Aget markets its products through a network of experienced manufacturers' representatives in the United States, Canada for a wide variety of dust and mist collection applications.

Typical examples include:

  • woodworking
  • metalworking
  • parts cleaning
  • powdered chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • food and agricultural processing
  • school wood or metal shops
  • and many others where Air Quality is an issue

DUSTKOP products are also used for many OEM applications, and are installed in many vocational training centers and school work shops. Our products vary in size from Downdraft Tables to workstations and on to larger units for department air quality or plant filtration.

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