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Product Announcement from Aget Manufacturing Company

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The pull-through cyclone separator is one of the most efficient metal or wood dust collectors available for its cost. It is available up to 20 HP and is recommended for more abrasive materials. The SN Series dust collector cyclones shown here are equipped with top mounted motors and fans which pull contaminated air into the cyclone through the lower side opening. The centrifugal action of the cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates the dust out through the bottom of the cyclone and into a suitable container for the application. Cleaned air is released through the upper side fan outlet.

Pull-Through Cyclones are ideal for removing abrasive materials because they prevent the contaminants from entering the unit's fan. This configuration is also well suited for materials that may spark and cause hazardous conditions if passing through a fan.

Weatherproofed for Optional Outdoor Installation
Aget's Dustkop dust collector industrial cyclone units are completely weatherproofed for outdoor use to provide flexibility in space and waste removal. They are available with one or two drum storage (drums are optional) and can make up part of a larger dust collection system with the addition of after-filters. Aget's after-filters are much less expensive than filters for cartridge systems, and filters normally last several years. After-filters recommended for these units are shown here.

Download our Pull-Through Cyclone Operating & Maintenance Manual for more information about our Pull-Through Cyclone Dust Collection Systems.