Mist Eliminator for Coolants, Oils, and Lubricants

Product Announcement from Aget Manufacturing Company

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Mistkop Mist Eliminators for Coolants, Oils, and Lubricants

The Problem:

Coolant, oil, and lubricant mist from metal machining, grinding, or sawing, can result in mist circulating throughout an entire facility. Often not realized, is that the mist droplets also contain a very fine solid particle of the abrasive or of the metal being processed. After the worker has the first "opportunity" to inhale it, the droplet settles on a surface like lighting, floors, machines, or work benches, where the mist evaporates, leaving its residue and the tiny solid particles to accumulate. Often called "smut", it's more than s housekeeping nuisance, causing respiratory and skin problems, HVAC problems, and even shorted machinery life.

The Solution:

  1. Capture the mist at the source before it's dispersed
  2. Trap the mist and drain the cleaned, often reusable fluid
  3. Retain the solids in the filter for economical disposal

This is the Mistkop solution, and because we use larger and higher efficiency filters, we don't waste horsepower having to spin them to achieve efficiency. This is why Mistkop mist collectors are more economical, reliable, and achieve far more air volume (CFM) with less horsepower than other mist collectors.

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