MISTKOP VCL-3-SP Mist Collectors

Product Announcement from Aget Manufacturing Company

MISTKOP VCL-3-SP Mist Collectors-Image

MISTKOP's proven design couples simplicity with efficiency. No spinning filter to waste horse-power or cause vibrations due to unbalanced filters. Mist and contaminants are captured at the source rather than after they are dispersed as with unducted or electronic units. Easily replaced, low cost filters. Collected fluid drains to your process or container. Usually hung near the source, but all models are available "inverted" such as VC-51 for direct or floor mounting. Secondary filters can be added for smoke.

• Easy to install

• Increase production efficiency

• Low initial cost

• Reclaim valuable lubricants

• No rotating filters to get out of balance

• Non-electronic