SCR Emissions Control for Generators

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The challenge was threefold. First, we needed to decompress gas that was nearly ten times more compressed than usual. Second, we had to bring emissions in line with West Texas and Federal requirements, and last but not least, we had to incorporate a custom real-time monitoring system.

THE SOLUTION: A one of a kind design, including comprehensive SCR.
Our experts developed a complete skid system to handle the high decompression requirements.

When it came to reducing emissions by 75% percent, we designed and installed custom SCR and oxidation catalyst setups to retrofit on each natural gas generator.

To achieve real-time monitoring capabilities, our local team brought in our overseas. SCADA colleagues for additional support and we designed and implemented a world-class monitoring system for maximum uptime. Together, we have provided over 25 natural gas generators during phase one with a plan to have over 40 generators during phase two.

A perfect combination of reliable power and reduced emissions.
SCR design allowed customer to obtain air permits quickly, while the mobile gas power system allowed production to begin far ahead of permanent utilities reaching the site.