Inductors Manufactured for Cost and Energy Savings

Product Announcement from Agile Magnetics

Inductors Manufactured for Cost and Energy Savings-Image

Agile Magnetics Now Offering Innovative Inductors to OEMs

Agile Magnetics, the world leader in custom magnetics manufacturing, now offers inductors that drastically reduce heat generation. Their cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques reduce the life-shortening heat generated by low quality inductors. This also serves to reduce thermal damage to surrounding components, ultimately lowering operating costs and extending unit life.

Agile is exploiting its state of the art technology in vacuum impregnation of inductors to ensure the absence of air bubbles and to take advantage of new polymer fillers that also aid in the reduction of operating temperature by as much as 10 degrees Celsius over conventional methods.

Agile has also forged the way in proprietary bobbin winding methods that have produced reductions in operating temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius.

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