Filter Aids...MaxFLO® Advanced

Product Announcement from MaxFlo® an Agrilectric Research Brand

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MaxFlo®filter aids are highly porous particles comprised primarily of amorphous silica and are engineered to serve a range of specialized filtration functions. Request a Sample

The products not only help in the filtration and proper disposal of industrial waste products, but are themselves part of the environmental solution, not the problem.


- Excellent suspension and dispersion properties
- >90% Amorphous silicon dioxide
- <1% Crystalline silica (avg.), reduces crystalline silica-related health concerns
- Low carbon and metal oxide content
- Highly porous 'micro-filter' particles
- Low cake compactability
- Absorption capacity 65-80% by volume
- pH of 6.5 to 8.0


- Fast flowing, clear filtrate
- Low pressure, low energy filtration
- Higher filter press cycle rate*
- Helps break problematic emulsions, yielding filterable sludge
- Metals contamination solved with patented and proven technologies
- Improve product flow, clarity and yield*
- Custom tailored filtration solutions*

*Depending on application


- Drier filter cakes decrease landfill costs
- Based on filtrate, can qualify for "Fuels Program" incineration
- Yield higher BTU values than alternative filter aids*
- Filter cakes release easily, and are easy to handle


MaxFlo® products contain less than 1% of crystalline silica (avg.), the majority of which is non-respirable. This is a significant advantage for worker safety compared with products with 10% to 80% crystalline silica content. In
addition, MaxFlo® products are made from renewable resources and are
generated as part of a highly sustainable, agricultural-based production cycle.