Filter Aids.... for your Biodiesel Process

Product Announcement from MaxFlo® an Agrilectric Research Brand

 Filter Aids.... for your Biodiesel Process-Image

The MaxFlo® family of filter aid products are based on a natural amorphous silica product. Not only are MaxFlo® products created from a renewable resource, they are engineered through the precise control in proprietary processes to yield a range of high performance properties that are as beneficial as they are environmentally sound.

If you use filtration and Magnesol® in your biodiesel process, let us show you how to use MaxFlo® to achieve:

  • Purer Product
  • Lower Processing Cost
  • Higher Throughput

 Greater process efficiencies and a quantum leap in environmental sustainability.

The staff at MaxFlo® Filtration applies extensive filtration knowledge and experience, R & D technologies, expertise and laboratory services to assist customers in resolving specific biodiesel filtration requirements.

The MaxFlo Advantage:

  • Allows use of lower cost feedstock
  • Better filtration, higher throughput
  • Greater clarity, improved color
  • Reduced water contamination
  • Drier filter cake, lower disposal costs
  • Faster clean up, more up-time
  • Environmentally sustainable

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