Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Fuel Gas Control

Featured Product from Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.

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It realizes a wide range of measuring ability that includes microflows using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. It is resistant to dust so there is no need to install filters. The flow meters are perfect for low flow gas measurement such as food and controlling gas usage of small-scale furnaces. 

No straight pipe section required for installation

It is possible to connect the flow meter directly to a bend such as an elbow piece and a flexible pipe.

As wide as a 1:50 turn down ratio

Applicable also for measuring gas flow of a burner having a large turn down ratio.

Easy to replace batteries

Users can replace batteries without removing the meter from the piping.

Strong against dust, and high durability

Use the product in such a condition that does not allow the gas to re-liquefy into oil mist.