Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquid

Featured Product from Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.

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Wide rangeability, durability, and low pressure drop are achieved by utilizing the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. It operates for 10 years on a built-in battery, and its light weight and clear LCD display make it ideal for production volume control of deionized water production facilities and deionized water usage control of semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

?High durability with no moving parts
?Turndown ratio 50:1
?Ultrasonic sensor is integrated
?Negligible pressure drop (equivalent to straight pipe)
?Easy to read LCD which can be oriented at a right angle for easy viewing
?2 outputs for easy integration with other system
?Can measure pure water
?Options for power supply :
– Built-in batteries (10 years of continuous operation)
– DC power