Acid and Water Soluable Gas Scrubbing

Featured Product from AirClean Systems


AirMax™ with wet fume scrubber is a total solution for minimizing personnel, ductwork and environmental exposure to caustic acid gases. Contaminated air passes through the scrubber's water-washed contact media before being exhausted, while water used during the scrubbing process is captured in the holding tank and recirculated. An optional pH dosing system can be utilized to neutralize acids captured during the scrubbing process.

Standard Features

-Direct-mount to fume hood exhaust - eliminates contaminated ductwork between the fume hood and scrubber
-Observation window for media inspection
-Scrubber holding tank with recirculating pump (located inside base cabinet)
-AirMax™ microprocessor controller
-Thermoplastic construction is resistant to gases being scrubbed
-FlowSmooth™ airfoil on sash lip promotes consistent laminar airflow
-Vertical sliding safety glass sash
-Lab event timer

Safety Features
-Deep base effectively contains accidental spills
-ASHRAE 110 tested