Corrosion-Free Fume Hood

Featured Product from AirClean Systems

The AirMax™ total exhaust laboratory fume hoods are manufactured from structural polypropylene, which eliminates the potential for corrosion. Featuring standard bypass design, AirMax™ exhausts a constant volume of air regardless of sash position. Optional features are available for more precise control of blower speed and face velocity.

The AirMax™ microprocessor controller monitors face velocity and displays real-time airflow on the LCD screen in linear feet per minute. Blowers can be turned on/off via the AirMax™ controller when fitted with the VSD1 (variable speed driver).

Standard Features

  • AirMax™ microprocessor controller
  • Constant monitoring of fume hood face velocity with variable airflow control to user preset value
  • Dual wall construction allows for front mounting of services such as water, gas, or electric
  • Integral vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
  • Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
  • FlowSmooth™ airfoil on sash lip promotes consistent laminar airflow
  • Vertical sliding safety glass sash
  • Lab event timer

Safety Features

  • Deep base effectively contains accidental spills
  • ASHRAE 110 tested