Ductless Fume Hoods for Laboratory Processing

Featured Product from AirClean Systems

Ductless Fume Hoods for Laboratory Processing-Image

As a manufacturer of fume hoods, AirClean® Systems understands that designing and maintaining a laboratory can be a difficult task. Whether designing a new laboratory or updating an existing one, laboratory managers need to consider safety, efficiency and cost- effectiveness when deciding on a fume hood design. Increasingly, ductless fume hoods, (also known as filtered fume hoods) are being recognized as a preferred solution for laboratory processing needs.

In the past, ducted fume hoods dominated the market because of their ability to fill multiple roles and their ability to handle even the most intensive laboratory processing needs. In a sense, because of their industry acceptance, ducted fume hoods have become the expensive, inefficient status quo. However, in an increasingly competitive market, filtered fume hoods offer laboratory managers a versatile, effective solution for many of their laboratory processing challenges.