Independence Fume Hood

Featured Product from AirClean Systems

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As research and laboratories evolve, AirClean® Systems continues to innovate with sophisticated, efficient fume containment solutions. Independence™ is the culmination of two decades of research and development in airflow design, gas-phase filtration, fume detection and fume hood control technologies. The ductless fume hood has now come of age.

Independence provides real-time PPM measurements for filter saturation, an on-board application validation system, class-leading airflow control and a host of innovative features unique to the ductless fume hood marketplace. Never before has a fume hood been able to offer this level of safety and performance.

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Our Mission

At AirClean® Systems, our goal is to continually offer the safest, most reliable and trusted hoods, enclosures and cabinets in the industry. For anyone who works with hazardous chemicals, we strive to create a safe and clean environment that protects the operator, the process and the environment. We do this by providing organizations across a wide range of industries with products to preserve a toxin-free environment.