Independence fume hood with built-in gas analyzer

Featured Product from AirClean Systems


Independence™ is a state-of-the-art ductless fume hood that incorporates over seventeen years of technical innovation and thousands of actual customer based applications.

Independence™ utilizes a new filtration system known as Silconazyne™. By combining two filtration technologies, Silconazyne™ allows for one gas phase filter that fits most gas phase applications.

Complementing Silconazyne™ filtration technology is our new onboard chemical database with over 1000 chemicals approved for use in Independence™. The powerful AirClean® Operating System, written entirely by AirClean®Systems, provides a technology backbone for the myriad of new features found in Independence™. In addition, Independence™ is the first ductless fume hood with a built-in gas analyzer that can give absolute exhaust and Interfilter™ values in parts-per-million (PPM).

We hope you will join us in declaring freedom from expensive ductwork and energy waste while helping preserve valuable natural resources.

Breakthrough Features
  • AirClean® OS Operating System
  • AirSafe™ TOUCH Automatic Safety Controller
  • Multi-Method Gas Detection
  • "True Zero" Gas Measurement
  • Absolute PPM Readout of Gas Detection
  • Multi-Level User Access
  • Integrated Chemical Database with over 1000 approved applications in system memory
  • Silconazyne™ Dual Gas Phase Bonded Filtration
  • Multi-Language & Units - change units of measure or language with the press of a button
  • Advanced Airflow Monitoring and Blower Control
  • Energy Conservation Monitor shows you how much energy Independence uses and saves
Standard Features
  • All natural polypropylene construction—seamless design— eliminates potential for rust
  • Chemical resistance with integral spill tray for high volume containment
  • AirZone™ baffle promotes an even airflow pattern and provides exceptional capture capability
  • Constant monitoring and adjustment of face velocity to user preset value
  • Removable high temperature flame retardant Trespa base
  • Optional flame retardant polypropylene internal chamber
  • Dual wall construction for service and fixture placement
  • LCD readout of airflow in Linear Feet per Minute or Meters per Second
  • ANSI Z9.5 compliant
  • ASHRAE110-2003 Tested
  • Available in a 30″ depth with nominal widths of 50″ and 72″