SC-1000 Portable Air Cleaner

Featured Product from Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc.

“The Extract-All™ Model SC-1000 Portable Smoke, Dust, and Weld Fume Collector is designed for direct source capture of various airborne contaminants. The SC-1000 is ideal for cleaning most smoke, dust, and odors found in factories and other industrial and commercial facilities. It is an efficient and cost effective method of handling applications that require maximum portability.

The SC-1000 operates by collecting the smoke and dust via a 6” diameter by 7’ long externally-supported, articulating fume extractor arm that filters contaminants through filter cartridges that are 97% efficient at .3 microns. The residual contaminants are then collected in an easy to remove drawer, while a self-cleaning mechanism thoroughly cleans the cartridge filters.

The Extract-All™ Model SC-100 Portable Air Cleaning System offers the utmost in versatility and high efficiency in a compact design.

• 120v, 1 ½ hp, Motor
• 99.99% Efficient Fire Retardant Cartridge Filter
• Auto pulse Cleaning Mechanism
• Casters
• 6” Diameter x 7’ Long Arm with light Package