IsolationAir® Portable Contamination Control Unit

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Step 1: Creating a Negative Pressure Room to Contain Viruses and Germs

To create an isolated negative pressure room:

 -Enclose the room

 -Close off the HVAC to the room to eliminate cross contamination to other spaces

 -Add ventilation that generates lower pressure than adjacent areas (negative pressure)

This will contain the virus in the isolation space. However, closing off the HVAC eliminates heating and cooling and leaves the patient and healthcare worker uncomfortable.

Step 2: Heating and Cooling System for the Patient and Healthcare Worker Comfort

This provides the patient and healthcare worker with a comfortable environment. It cannot stop the spread of the virus or kill the virus.

Step 3: HEPA Filtration to Capture Airborne Contaminants

This captures the particles the virus travels on and prevents the spread of the airborne virus. It does not neutralize the virus, allowing it to jump to different particles and re-enter the room.

Step 4: UVC Light to Sterilize Viruses

The UVC light will sterilize the virus. This eliminates the capability for the virus to reproduce and spread.

Step 5:

The IsolationAir® Hospital Contamination Control Unit creates a negative pressure room, implemented a heating and cooling system, added HEPA filtration, and uses UVC light to ensure the healthcare worker is healthy and safe.