PRISM® Separators Oil Refinery Applications

Featured Product from Air Products PRISM Membranes

Air Products’ PRISM Membrane Systems are found in many steps of the oil refining process. From refinery off-gas streams to the purge-gas recycle, PRISM Membrane Systems operate efficiently and economically. PRISM Membrane Systems use selective permeation to process pressurized gas streams. Applications include: hydrogen upgrading, inert byproduct rejection, hydrogen recovery, and off-gas upgrading.

When the feed gas enters the separator, the fast gas (hydrogen) permeates the membrane wall more quickly than the heavier compounds and exits the bore side of the hollow fiber membrane bundle. This purified stream is returned to the hydroprocessor along with makeup hydrogen. The flow that does not permeate the fibers (nonpermeate) also has a hydrogen concentration around 40% but carries the methane and heavier hydrocarbons, which are delivered to the fuel gas network. The hydrocarbons can be recovered by using a simple turbo expander or chilling system.