Alconox Deep Action Fryer Cleaner

Product Announcement from Alconox, Inc.

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Alconox Deep Action Fryer Cleaner

The secret to extending the life of your oil is a “down to the metal clean” each time you do an oil change. That way, when you add new oil, there is no leftover residue coating the sides and bottom of your fry pot. When heated, this residue can release oil life, reducing particles that can deteriorate the quality of the oil and the food it cooks. Both Alconox and Alcojet have been specially formulated to remove build-up caused by cooking oil in order to return your fry pot to ‘like new’ condition. Especially effective for operations using newer zero trans fat oils where oil savings of 50%.

Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner

1 packet makes up to 1.6qt of Alconox detergent solution.
Alconox 16oz fryer cleaner is enough to clean one medium sized frypot.

Alconox is ideal for cleaning tough oils, grease, carbon build-up, and food residue on stainless steel, smallware, and cookware. A hot Alconox detergent solution effectively lifts stubborn cooked-on soils off of pots and pans, and returns cookware to the like-new, down to the surface clean that you need. Alconox is drain-safe and made in concentrate to save money and shelf space.

Alcojet Low Foaming Powdered Detergent

1 4oz bottle makes up to 4 gallons of Alcojet detergent solution for manual cleaning. Follow dishwasher instructions for using Alcojet in the dishwasher.

Alcojet serves as an excellent dishwasher detergent to bring sparkling brilliance back to barware. Perfume-free and without rinse aids, Alcojet penetrates stubborn glassware soils to ensure a deep, true clean, right down to the surface. Alcojet water-based general purpose machine cleaner can also be used as a manual cleaner which removes stubborn grease stains and foul odors from other foodservice wares and equipment. Alcojet is biodegradable, non-corrosive, and concentrated to save money and shelf space.