8.01” panoramic Bar-type TFT modules

Product Announcement from All Shore Industries

ASI Displays is featuring another panoramic Bar-type TFT module, 8.01” TFT.  ASI-T-8011648A5LN/D, LVDS interface.  Offering luminance of 500 Nits; Contrast ratio of 900:1, operating temperature of -20 to + 70.  Offering exceptional “all view” angles of 85/85/85/85, supporting both landscape (1600 x 480 pixels) or portrait (480 x 1600 pixels) orientations.

Applications include any display that requires panoramic content view as well as full viewing angles with a bright screen; suitable for applications in Public transportation like bus or train, etc. as well as Retail applications such as POS, POP.               

Please see data sheet for ASI-T-8011648A5LN/D, with LVDS interface.  Available now in production quantities   Contact ASI Displays if you have any requirement.

ASI Displays offers a   variety of TFT Displays ranging in size from 1.44" to 12.1" to suit your specific applications.  Resistive and  capacitive touch screens with steel glass are available on many units.  Select modules available with controller on   board as well. Details for these as well as other TFT and Monochrome display   modules (Character   display modules or Graphic   display modules) as well as standard OLED display   modules may be viewed on our website, ASI Displays