ESD-Safe Nitrile Gloves - $7.14 for 100 Gloves!

Product Announcement from All-Spec Industries

ESD-Safe Nitrile Gloves - $7.14 for 100 Gloves!-Image

Only $7.14 for a box of 100 gloves!

Our All-Spec textured ESD-safe, nitrile gloves are:

  • Powder-free and puncture resistant
  • Resistivity 1010 ohms/sq.
  • 9" length, 4 mil thick
  • Color: Blue

The soft ESD nitrile disposable gloves give drier, cooler, more comfortable wear due to unique modules. These gloves not only protect against static but they also reduce hand fatigue caused by elastometric stress and provide greater puncture resistance than natural rubber and vinyl disposable gloves. Free evaluation samples available -- for free samples e-mail our customer service department at

Available in size sizes...XS through 2XL.