Luxo Wave+Plus Magnifers

Product Announcement from All-Spec Industries

Luxo Wave+Plus Magnifers-Image

Searching for magnifiers? Wave Plus is the only magnifier to offer both shadow-free and 3D magnification. Save 10% on selected Luxo Wave Plus magnifiers today!

Additional details of the Luxo Wave Plus collection include:

  • Illuminated Magnifiers:3.5-Diopter or 5-Diopter magnification. 6-3/4" x 4-1/2" Lens size, Clamp and Weighted Base types, Articulating Arm type, 30" & 45" Arm reach, Fluorescent lighting type.
  • ESD-Safe Illuminated Magnifiers: Black in color and Fluorescent lighting type. Available in both 3.5-Diopter & 5-Diopter magnifications. Accessory lenses mount on top of magnifier and bulb shield included.
  • Also available 13-Watt Fluorescent Bulb lighting pieces!

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