NEW FLIR T-series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Product Announcement from All-Spec Industries

NEW FLIR T-series Thermal Imaging Cameras-Image

The FLIR T-series thermal imaging infrared camera now available at All-Spec lets you tilt up or down easily along its 120° range of motion while at the same time keeping the touchscreen display directly in front of you.

Features include:

  • High temperature camera with touch LCD screen
  • Temperature range: from -4 to 662°F and from -4 to 1,202°F
  • Image resolution: 43,200 pixels, 76,800 pixels and 307,200 pixels styles
  • 2, 4 and 8x digital zoom styles with auto or manual focus
  • SD card included, large memory storage
  • Laser pointer
  • ± 2% accuracy

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