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New Dual Chip Set from Allegro MicroSystems

Featured Product from Allegro MicroSystems Inc.

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The AHV85000 and AHV85040 is a dual chipset that offers a cost optimized solution for isolated gate drive for GaN FETs. When combined with one of the recommended external transformers, it provides a self-powered isolated gate drive solution that is ideal for GaN FETs in multiple applications and topologies. A selection of recommended third-party transformers are available, each optimized for different drive voltage and gate charge characteristics, including E-mode GaN (6 V drive) and Cascode-GaN (12 V drive).

The chipset transmits both PWM signal and gate bias power through the external transformer, eliminating the need for any external gate drive auxiliary bias supply or high-side bootstrap. This greatly simplifies the system design and reduces EMI through reduced total common-mode (CM) capacitance. It also allows the driving of a floating switch in any location in a switching power topology.