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New MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool

Featured Product from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

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Product teams can now gain new insights into their MagneMover® LITE™ Intelligent Conveyor System performance using the MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool. The software provides real-time data that allows operators to track carriers as they move through production and analyze detailed diagnostics to make faster decisions and better troubleshoot potential issues.

The MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool uses a client-server relationship to provide data from Emulate3D™ Digital Twin Software across different devices. Its user-friendly design allows users to view the Emulate3D software model or use the simplified view to touch, zoom and pan across their solution layout.

This intuitive software solution provides teams with easy access to the data that they need to better solve problems, improve processes and meet their production targets. The MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool is available now to download through the Emulate3D software portal.