Photoelectric sensors - rugged, high performance

Product Announcement from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Photoelectric Sensor:
Electronic device recognizing changes in light intensity and converting these changes into a change in output state.

42EF RightSight

When your application requires the durability and performance of a full-featured photoelectric sensor but distances are short and space is tight, take a 90° turn to RightSight photoelectric sensors. RightSight features a smaller, more adaptable package to deliver excellent detection capabilities where size and shape matter. These photoelectric sensors combine universal voltages (24–264 V AC/DC) with short-circuit protection across the full voltage range.

Diffuse, polarized retroreflective, fiber optic, transmitted beam, background suppression and clear object models available.

¦ Patented superior housing design with 1200 psi washdown rating§
¦ 360° visible indicators
¦ Universal 18mm mounting at base and nose
¦ Short circuit protection across entire voltage range
¦ Variety of output types

Modes and Max Range
¦ Polarized retroreflective* 3m
¦ Retroreflective 4.5m
¦ Diffuse 500mm
¦ Background suppression 50mm, 100mm
¦ Transmitted beam 20m, 4m, 8m
¦ Glass fiber optic?
¦ Sharp cutoff diffuse 130mm
¦ Clear object 1.2m

Operating Voltage
¦ 10.8-30V DC
¦ 21.6-264V AC/DC (N-FET)

Response Time
¦ 0.5-8.3ms

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