Safety Light Curtains

Product Announcement from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardShield safety light curtain is an economical, fully featured, Type 4 safety light curtain in a uniquely styled housing. GuardShield safety light curtains are general purpose presence sensing devices designed for use on hazardous machinery providing point of operation, as well as perimeter and access guarding. This self-contained, two box, safety light curtain has DIP switch selectable operating modes and are available in both 14mm and 30mm resolutions.

Modes of operation such as fixed and floating blanking, beam coding, start/restart interlock, external device monitoring (EDM), machine test signal, are selected by dip-switches settings. These dip-switches are located beneath a security door, which are conveniently located on both the transmitter and receiver end caps.

The GuardShield's torsionally rigid, extruded aluminium, polyurethane powder coated housing, combined with an Environmental rating of IP65, allows the GuardShield to be used in guarding applications across a broad range of industries.


  • Fixed blanking-teachable
  • Floating blanking-one or two beam
  • Beam coding
  • External Device Monitoring (EDM)
  • Start/restart interlock Click on the Product Details web link on the right to download a PDF ..... or e mail us with your questions.