Save Project Time with Standards Builder Tool

Featured Product from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

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The new ProposalWorks Standards Builder from Rockwell Automation is an application designed to assist end users with generating, customizing and maintaining their control standards. Engineers can document project standards, track revisions and more to help establish consistency from project design through procurement and commissioning. Although Standards Builder is its own capability, users launch the application via the Rockwell Automation ProposalWorks tool.

Users can output detailed specification documents and a standards BOM that can be uploaded into ProposalWorks. They can share this with others, including suppliers, to help product design and selection.

Control standards creation and maintenance can be a manual, time-consuming process. Typical information included in a control standard can contain electrical code, product line and reference architecture content. Users can be unaware of changes in lifecycle status and product obsolescence after a control standard is published. With Standards Builder, users will spend less time maintaining control standards or specifications and also achieve more detailed content that is easier to maintain than in a static document.

In addition, users can achieve a higher standardization of systems, resulting in fewer spare parts, less training and more reliable designs. They can easily add a wider range of product lines or products to their standards or specs with minimal effort. This can provide improved product availability and better alignment with suppliers during design/build.