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Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The angular contact bearing is a conventional design. It features a circular pocket separator and a 30? contact angle along with approximately 67% of a full complement of balls. The chief benefit of this bearing is that it provides greater thrust capacity than a radial contact or four-point contact bearing. Because of its counterbored outer race, an angular contact bearing has unidirectional thrust capacity. This bearing should be mounted opposed to another bearing to establish and maintain the contact angle, and to support reversing thrust loads.

Four-Point Contact Ball Bearings

Standard bearing lines are most often designed to handle either radial or axial load conditions. The unique feature about the Kaydon Reali-Slim® four-point contact bearing line is that the gothic arch geometry of the inner and outer races enables a single bearing to carry three types of loading (radial, axial, and moment) simultaneously. This makes it the bearing of choice for many applications since a single four-point contact bearing can often replace two bearings, providing a simplified design.

Radial Contact Ball Bearings

The radial contact bearing is a single-row radial ball-bearing of conventional design with a Conrad-type assembly. The bearing is assembled by eccentric displacement of the inner race within the outer race, permitting insertion of about half of a full complement of balls. Although the radial contact bearing is designed primarily for radial load application, it can be configured to accept some axial (thrust) load in either direction. If thrust is a concern, a set of angular contact bearings should be considered for the specific application.


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