Ultra-High Purity PFA Tubing

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Altaflo has developed a new line of ultra-high purity (UHP) PFA tubing and pipe that offers significant improvements over standard high purity materials. Made with 100% virgin-grade Daikin AP-231 SH resin, ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing meets or exceeds key SEMI F57 requirements, helping semifab operators reduce contamination, increase wafer yields and maximize system  uptime.

Key Properties

CT Associates and Balazs Analytical Services  analyzed samples of ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA according to the SEMI F57 specification, performing additional hydrochloric acid (HCl) extraction testsfor trace metal contamination. Key results demonstrate that ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing exhibits: 

  • Ultra-low total organic carbon  (TOC) contamination at 0.2% of the SEMI F57 limit
  • Minimal ionic contamination, with nearly all ions measured below reportable limits
  • Extremely low trace metal extractables, including an HCl mass  extraction rate roughly 2% of a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer’s specification

Daikin’s high performance AP-231 SH resin also provides ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing a high degree of chemical resistance and mechanical reliability, including:

  • Upper service temperature of 500ºF (260ºC)
  • Enhanced resistance to aggressive fluorosurfactants to minimize stress cracking
  • Extended flex life comparable to that of PTFE

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