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Compact and Durable DC Disconnect Switches

Featured Product from Altech Corp.

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Disconnect switches are used to keep equipment and people safe. They must be properly installed so that incoming power can be quickly shut off whenever necessary. Most equipment being manufactured today must be equipped with a disconnect switch for safety purposes. Their purpose is to shut off incoming power from your equipment or device.   


  • One of the smallest 80A switches in the industry 
  • Advanced switch technology (use of silver contacts ensures safe and durable operation) 
  • Across the line, motor starting - up to 75hp/600V 
  • General Use Rating - 16A to 150A/600V 
  • Available as rotary switches for extended or direct handle 
  • Toggle switches 
  • Non-fused switch 
  • Short Circuit withstand Ratings 10kA with back-up fuse 
  • DIN Rail and panel mount available 
  • Comprehensive range of accessories includes Door Mounting Kits & Fuse Holder 
  • Snap on auxiliary contacts 
  • Enclosed switches with UL 4, 4X Type 4x rating 
  • AC Motor Across-the-line 
  • AC General Use 
  • Horsepower Ratings 
  • DIN Rail Mount 
  • Competively Priced